2005 Jeep Liberty for Sale: $3300

We are selling a rare 2005 Jeep Liberty CRD (common rail diesel). The 2.8 VM Motori turbo diesel 4-cylinder engine engine was only available in 2005 and 2006. It has just under 240,000 miles on it.

It’s running great, it’s just that it’s time to get my wife something newer. It has a Green Diesel Engineering Eco tune good for 188 hp, 335 lb-ft, and increased fuel economy, which is a lot quicker than you think. It gets 25 mpg in mixed driving, higher on the highway. It’s a spirited driver with lots of torque.

It has been well-maintained with regular oil changes and other maintenance
*Timing belt and water pump every 100,000 miles
*Valve rockers replaced preventatively
*Important, in case your state tests/inspects diesels: EGR and DPF were deleted for engine longevity and easier breathing.
*Sun Coast torque converter (original died, took transmission with it, so I upgraded the converter when installing a professionally rebuilt transmission at around 150,000 miles).
*Rear main seal has just been replaced.
*Ceramic glow plugs replaced with more durable stainless set.
*Zero leaks. I had a bit of seepage from one line, but I hunted it down and replaced a spring clamp.

*Fluid drains back to the pan on the transmission. After it sits overnight the transmission needs to build up pressure for a few seconds before it is ready to go. It has done this for a couple hundred thousand miles, using genuine Mopar filter with check valve doesn’t seem to change the behavior. It’s not slipping at all in normal usage and the GDE tune gets it into higher gears (it has two overdrive gears) and locked up sooner than stock — taking better advantage of the diesel’s torque.
*Tires are OK for now, but you’ll want a new set by next winter.
*There’s a touch of rust at the bottom-inside of both front doors. Treat it now, and you can stop this in its tracks!
*The transmission cooler developed a leak so I’ve installed an aftermarket cooler. You may want to put in a larger cooler if you tow.

The sound system has been upgraded to a nice Kenwood CD / MP3 / Bluetooth system

Also included:
*Two sets of keys.
*Mopar keyed roof rack cross-members that are fitted to this vehicle.

Clean title in hand.

Firm on price.