AOD: Rebooting

Hey, life has been crazy and I haven’t been doing anything with this blog for quite a while.

My son will graduate from home schooling in just a couple weeks and my daughter will follow a year later. My son’s going to take a very interesting path from here, and I’ll certainly be sharing more about his approach. For now, though, life has had the usual challenges that we all encounter, as well. So, I’ve had other priorities, but I haven’t stopped working on projects. Naturally, many of them are done out of sheer necessity or based on my unwillingness to accept the normal way of doing things.  I think that I learn useful things along the way that should be shared with you.

I’m going to spool back up on sharing things that might be useful to you, so please subscribe to this blog and my YouTube channel, so that you don’t miss out on some interesting things.

A number of changes are taking place, and you should expect the following from The Art of Diesel:

  • I’ve gotten more devout in the Catholic faith. I’ll share thoughts and information related to my ongoing, lifelong, spiritual journey.
  • I’ve sold the Suburban and I’m working on another project preparing a practical family hauler for a fraction of what the Suburban cost me. This project is getting to be quite technical, and I’ll share what I’m doing with a Mercedes R320 CDI that was sourced for cheap. I’ve already taken a lot of photographs and video that can be shared.
  • Of course, I’ll cover automotive projects related to my other turbo diesel machines and anything else mechanical that I wind up working on.
  • I’ve become more interested in exerting independence in the technical world and will share steps that anybody could take to become freer in a world where your information is being harvested for nefarious purposes by every organization that touches it.
  • I’m less and less interested in national politics, but I will get more involved in what’s happening at the local and state levels. As a libertarian, there’s a lot more that can be done working at these levels. I will share my exploration of local politics.
  • The site will gain a new look.
  • Could there be another book in the future? Time will tell.

Hang on, as I expect this to get interesting. I will continue to question the idiotic way that normal people approach life. I promise that I will ask tough questions and present you with at least one set of options that goes well outside the norm.

May the Lord bless you and keep you firing on all cylinders!


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