The Art of Diesel Returns

control room

I’ve returned to the control room here at The Art of Diesel and you’ll be hearing more from me! (Image by GregoryButler from Pixabay)

It’s been quite a while since I have written anything for The Art of Diesel and even then the posts have been few and far between. I was running Maraschino Services for a while and even put Art of Diesel efforts under that umbrella at one point. The emphasis of that business, however, was on creating software for a client as my primary “side hustle” in addition to my day-job in the aerospace world. So, the Art of Diesel wasn’t getting much attention.

I got picked up for a position in Ohio so I left Indiana and moved to a location not far from Cincinnati this summer. As I left my previous employer after twelve years I also chose to shut down Maraschino Services so that my focus could be on my new position for at least a reasonable period of time.

As I’ve moved into a new home I’ve been doing a lot to get my family comfortable here while we claim the place as our own, meaning that we’re doing a lot to modify the house, land, and workshop to meet our needs. Yes, that means that I have a good place to work on diesels, too!

I’ve really been through the wringer at my new employer for the last six months, but the results have been good and the employer seems quite happy with my performance. While things are going well I realized that I should get back to my efforts in spreading a philosophy of self-reliance, liberty, and Catholic philosophy on the side. You won’t find me being too pushy and often quite indirect with the latter. My moral sense, however, permeates my efforts in life and will remain a part of my approach in “leading by example.”

Please stay tuned as I expect to ramp these efforts back up in the months to follow as I write and create video content on a more regular basis.

Please also note that I deleted my Facebook account after I got tired of all the politically-correct virtue-signalling I was seeing. Worse yet, however was that I saw people assuming that this was an appropriate vehicle for alerting loved ones of important events in their lives. Zuckerberg and his cronies don’t deserve to be the platform of record for our lives. Further, I really don’t like all of the data that people are willingly providing to these jerks as they run their part of the larger digital panopticon.

I took another step in October. After seeing the purges across social media that were taking place I proactively removed all of my content from mainstream social media platforms. They were systematically silencing all voices that dissent with mainstream medical opinions (extremely flawed “silence” forwarded by unqualified, unscientific, power-hungry bureaucrats) in addition to those who dared to express political opinions outside of their extremely specific political agenda. They don’t deserve to carry any content I might create, so I no longer contribute to those platforms.

I’m making  Odysee the home for the video content that I will produce. If you aren’t familiar with these platforms, you should know that they are one and the same, though Odysee has more social media features) the home for the video content that I will produce.

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