Are these the glow plugs used in NASCAR?

NASCAR Glow Plugs

Are these the actual glow plugs used by NASCAR? (Yes, I know better.)

Well, temperatures dropped, again, I had some smoky, rough starts on the TDI.  Voltage through my homemade harness looked great, but two of my plugs failed a quick continuity check using my multimeter — meaning that they were burnt out.  Hadn’t I checked this before?

So, I had to replace them yesterday.  I’d prefer the NGK glow plugs, but these are what I could get shipped from a local warehouse in one day.  As long as they aren’t too expensive and they get hot when voltage is applied, I’m not too concerned about the brand name.

However, check out the NASCAR branding on these Autolite glow plugs.  Are these the actual glow plugs used in NASCAR? 

Yeah, I’m being sarcastic.  I know, they aren’t really saying that these specific components (or any glow plugs at all) are used in NASCAR, but it’s still funny!

–We’ll see if this makes my 90 hp TDI any faster!  😉

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  1. Gerald Miller

    Saw your isuzu suburban today @ sams club. Looks and sounds great, however I was sure I heard you shifting gears as you left. Is it a straight shift. Joe

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