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Spread Too Thin

Sometimes We Let Life Get Too Complicated

Sometimes we let life get too complicated: It’s time to prioritize and simplify!

Why so busy?

I really want to do more on this channel and eventually I’m going to do that. In the short-term I’m super busy!

  • I have a demanding day-job. I manage a Zero Defects program at a major turbine engine manufacturer in Indianapolis.
  • I’m an engaged home school dad, which includes involvement in a home school speech and debate league. I actually spent this weekend performing orientation for guest debate judges.
  • My youngest child will graduate this May, and I’m up to my neck trying to get my neglected house, workshop, and grounds into a condition where they are presentable for the open house. This means I’m at the end of the home schooling process, though, meaning I’ll have more time later.
  • It’s the primary source of the material on this site, but I work hard keeping my family’s vehicles on the road. I’ve saved up quite a bit of material saved up that I could turn into videos and blog posts.
  • I’m also exploring cryptocurrencies and making some speculative bets.
  • For a while I explored eCommerce related to The Art of Diesel, even setting up a store, but this effort really failed because my heart really isn’t into selling worthless Chinese trinkets at a high markup.
  • I’ve also started Ethical Developer Group and I’ve failed to stay on top of that site, either.

New priorities

I’m a crazy person who wants to do everything, because there are so many cool things that get my attention. In the short-term, I’m going to shift my priorities to Ethical Developer Group, and I’d like every user of this site to go over there and check it out.

I will occasionally make some quick posts over here, but I’m really going to concentrate my blogging and business development over there.

Exciting things are happening, in that EDG actually has a paying client with ethics very similar to our own. We can’t share any details on this right now, but this will be a really useful Android app for a very inexpensive but useful service.

I’m also exploring blockchain technology and see some opportunities that should really be explored in that space.

I will keep working on cars and eventually I will get back to sharing my efforts and what I’ve learned, but EDG is where I’ll be putting my attention for the next few months.

Until I reach a point where I can put more effort in here:

May God bless you and keep you running on all cylinders!

Ben Swann is Back!

My Status

I’ve been quiet on this blog for a bit, after a week-long trip to a conference for my day-job, and every single car I own needing immediate attention within the last ten days! I have material to share, but I need some time to prepare it.

Great News

Meanwhile, though, I saw this great news tonight: Ben Swann is Back!

Ben went quiet after his Pizzagate revelations a year ago, but now he’s back, partnered with DAO / Dash, and I expect to see great things from him in the future. He’s the only real investigative reporter you’ll find today. He is genuinely interested in the truth and he delivers the goods!

May God bless you and keep you running on all cylinders!

Making Ethical Software Profitable

Once again, I haven’t posted anything on this blog in quite a while. Since my last post I ran into an idea and I’m pursuing it with the free time that I have. I think it’s an excellent business idea and if it breaks me away from corporate America, then it could be a wonderful thing for me.  Please check this out!

I’ve complained a lot about how all these huge, nasty corporations are stealing our data left and right.

The problem is that ethical software simply isn’t profitable! For Android, you can either go to the Google Play store and get trashy software that spies on you, or you can go to F-Droid and get free & open source software that is more likely not to spy on you … but non-profit software never reaches its true potential! Updates are sporadic, fixes are rare, and there’s simply no incentive to make it the best that it can be.

What if it was profitable to make ethical software that doesn’t spy on you? The free market approach is to certify software that doesn’t spy on you, the same way that:

  • Underwriter Laboratory (UL) tells you that electrical devices are safe,
  • The Snell Foundation tells you that a motorcycle helmet has passed rigorous testing, and
  • The Kosher certification tells you that food has passed specific safety standards.

These are all private organizations that ensure that products meet certain standards without coercive government regulation. Ethical Developer Group is live right now. Please head over there and check it out. Please join the email list, so that we’ll keep you up-to-date.

AOD: Rebooting

Hey, life has been crazy and I haven’t been doing anything with this blog for quite a while.

My son will graduate from home schooling in just a couple weeks and my daughter will follow a year later. My son’s going to take a very interesting path from here, and I’ll certainly be sharing more about his approach. For now, though, life has had the usual challenges that we all encounter, as well. So, I’ve had other priorities, but I haven’t stopped working on projects. Naturally, many of them are done out of sheer necessity or based on my unwillingness to accept the normal way of doing things.  I think that I learn useful things along the way that should be shared with you.

I’m going to spool back up on sharing things that might be useful to you, so please subscribe to this blog and my YouTube channel, so that you don’t miss out on some interesting things.

A number of changes are taking place, and you should expect the following from The Art of Diesel:

  • I’ve gotten more devout in the Catholic faith. I’ll share thoughts and information related to my ongoing, lifelong, spiritual journey.
  • I’ve sold the Suburban and I’m working on another project preparing a practical family hauler for a fraction of what the Suburban cost me. This project is getting to be quite technical, and I’ll share what I’m doing with a Mercedes R320 CDI that was sourced for cheap. I’ve already taken a lot of photographs and video that can be shared.
  • Of course, I’ll cover automotive projects related to my other turbo diesel machines and anything else mechanical that I wind up working on.
  • I’ve become more interested in exerting independence in the technical world and will share steps that anybody could take to become freer in a world where your information is being harvested for nefarious purposes by every organization that touches it.
  • I’m less and less interested in national politics, but I will get more involved in what’s happening at the local and state levels. As a libertarian, there’s a lot more that can be done working at these levels. I will share my exploration of local politics.
  • The site will gain a new look.
  • Could there be another book in the future? Time will tell.

Hang on, as I expect this to get interesting. I will continue to question the idiotic way that normal people approach life. I promise that I will ask tough questions and present you with at least one set of options that goes well outside the norm.

May the Lord bless you and keep you firing on all cylinders!


Finally an Update! Free E-Book, Chickens Processed

Chickens Ready for Processing

I built a cover for my trailer to haul the 26 chickens for processing. Sorry about the bad photo. I should have taken a snapshot in daylight.

Sorry I haven’t posted in almost two months!  I’m still doing projects in diesel modification and preparedness, but I’ve been slow and I really haven’t written anything in a while.

The Job.  I found a path away from the military work I was doing and took it.  It turned out that this small company had been languishing in an undermanned spiral for some time.  So, I show up, try to fix what I can, and wind up working 12-14 hour days all of the time.

I’m looking at another opportunity.  My boss, a VP of the company, is aware of this.  He and some others have made an offer to make it more attractive for me to stay.  The other opportunity seems very attractive, though, and I think I’ll still take that when they make the offer.  I’m still thinking about it, though.

Meanwhile, I got over the hump on getting a quarterly review out, and chose to take today off.  I got caught up on a number of things and thought I’d start seeing what I can do to promote my book, again.

Chickens in the Freezer

Here we have 20+ chickens that now occupy my dedicated freezer.

The Book.  I’d like to announce that my book The Art of Diesel: Building an Efficient Family Hauler will be available for free this coming Friday through Saturday (25-27 July).  Go grab a free copy and be sure to write a review of the book on Amazon!  Also, if you buy the paperback version, you’ll get the Kindle version for free.

Chickens.  I’ve mentioned that this blog is about preparedness, so I’ll point out that we raised some 26 meat chickens from chicks and after ten weeks they were ready to be “processed.”  In fact, these breeds are so pitiful that if you don’t slaughter them right away they’ll start developing all kinds of other problems, including not being able to walk.  They are bred to get big fast.  We’ll look at some other breeds next time.

I didn’t get a good photo of what I did to my trailer, but I built a cover to haul them to the Amish ladies who do the processing at a low price.  Eventually we want to learn these skill for ourselves, but we don’t want the learning experience to be under the gun with more than 20 to do at a time.  We’ll make it a point to set a few aside, next time, and learn.  Or, we’ll get with some friends who process their own.

So, after ten weeks in a Darby Simpson-style chicken tractor (we only live about two miles from him, by the way), these chickens were ready to go.  We dropped them off early in the morning and picked up processed chicken ready for the freezer.  One guy commented that these were some very large chickens, and here’s a snapshot of our freezer stuffed with them.  They are very tasty and we feel comfortable about how/where they were raised.

Other Projects.  I have had to make some repairs and do some maintenance on my Jetta TDI that now has 266,000 miles on it.  I’ll take some time to post on that later.  I hope to make regular blog posts on this and the sister site: Core 4 Liberty  much more often.

–At least I’m starting to blog, again!


My Diesel Conversion Book: Now in Paperback!

The Art of Diesel: Papberback

The Art of Diesel: Building an Efficient Family Hauler is now available in paperback format.

I know that things have been quiet on this blog.  Though I’ve got a backlog of projects and repairs to write about, I’ve been up to my neck in a new job.

Yes, I’ve finally escaped the Military Industrial Complex, but I’ve got a lot to learn in my new position.  The next few months are likely to be slow with this blog, but I’ve taken photos of what I’ve done and I’ll catch back up later.

Meanwhile, however, several have contacted me asking if there was a paperback version of the book.  I thought it would be a quick/easy effort, but I found quite a few things that needed to be modified as the book went to a hardcopy format.

I finally got it done, though, and now it’s available through Amazon for less than $10 a copy.  Please check it out!


Free Book Promotion: 1st and 2nd of March

The Art of Diesel CoverWe are having severe thunderstorms in Indiana, tonight, and it seems like spring is in the air.  I think it’s time for another book promotion!

Thanks for the reviews, everybody!  I just noticed that my Dad recently reviewed the book.  I know he’s not exactly an impartial observer, but his review was appreciated.

I had a free book promotion several weeks ago, but this time I’m providing some notice, so that you can tell your friends.

My e-book will be available for free for the first weekend in March.  That will be Saturday the 1st and Sunday the 2nd of March.

The US link to the book is here:, but of course it can be found worldwide on Amazon by searching for The Art of Diesel.

Please grab a copy for yourself and pass this along to everybody you know who might be interested!

If you’ve read the book (especially if you liked it), please be sure to make your way back to Amazon and review it.  Any feedback I receive is greatly appreciated.

At present, the book is only available in the Kindle format that Amazon uses, but please note that free Kindle apps are available for almost any platform.  Even the latest Android-based Nooks can load a Kindle app to read this book.


Monday the 13th: Free Book Promotion!

The Art of Diesel CoverI’ve just set up a promotion on where free copies of my e-book “The Art of Diesel: Building an Efficient Family Hauler” will be available for free for one day only on Monday the 13th of January 2014.

The book can be found here:

If you download and read the book, I encourage you to post a review in Amazon and any other social media outlets you use.

–Thanks, and Happy Reading!



Book Released!

The Art of Diesel CoverMy e-book The Art of Diesel: Building an Efficient Family Hauler was uploaded to Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing site last night.  After a couple iterations of tweaking the format to work better on the Kindle (or on Kindle apps available for Android, IOS, PCs, and Macs), I hit the “publish” button.  This morning, I received notification that my book was available online.

Here is the US link to the book:

This is the book on the Suburban’s diesel conversion.

-If you buy a copy and read it, please be sure to review it on Amazon!

The Art of Diesel 2.0: New Server

We’ve just rebuilt The Art of Diesel to make it more focused on diesel modifications and self-reliance.  I will still be blogging on liberty-related issues, but this content will now be found at

With the change, we’ve updated the theme and will be adding some new features to the site.  I’ve ported all of the the old content over to the new version of the site.  I’m still working on improvements to the Suburban and other self-reliance projects and will do a better job sharing more on the topic.

You may have noticed that my last post was in October.  I’ve been concentrating on my book The Art of Diesel: Building an Efficient Family Hauler, that will be available soon as an e-book through Amazon.  You can get the Kindle app for your smartphone, tablet, or your PC, if you don’t have a Kindle.  If there’s enough interest, I’ll consider creating a print edition, too.

Thanks for dropping in!

Mark A. Billy