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We have some friends on the Web. Please click on the provided links and check out their sites!

Tom Woods’ LibertyClassroom

Tom Woods is a well-known historian, author, and libertarian. I enjoy his daily podcast called The Tom Woods Show. His LibertyClassroom site offers libertarian insights for history, economics, and philosophy. He shows the reasoning behind libertarian principles and helps libertarians to defeat common statist arguments. Go check it out today!

Veritas Radio Network

Years ago I enjoyed Sirius’ Patriot channel, until I became keenly aware that most of the hosts were despicable neocons. Mike Church was the exception. He ran the Mike Church Show during the morning commute and had the longest-running show in the history of satellite radio. He became the only guy I would stand on that channel. I believe his beliefs are quite libertarian, but he wouldn’t be caught dead using that term to describe himself. As I cut the cord with satellite radio, his show continued. He became a more devout Catholic and a couple years ago Sirius/XM pulled the plug on his show. They decided that he was too Catholic for them. He has now created the Veritas Radio Network. His programming still touches on politics, but now it is from a completely Catholic perspective. He also has a number of other awesome programs on his channel. Go there today and check it out. He really needs your support!