Free Book Promotion: 1st and 2nd of March

The Art of Diesel CoverWe are having severe thunderstorms in Indiana, tonight, and it seems like spring is in the air.  I think it’s time for another book promotion!

Thanks for the reviews, everybody!  I just noticed that my Dad recently reviewed the book.  I know he’s not exactly an impartial observer, but his review was appreciated.

I had a free book promotion several weeks ago, but this time I’m providing some notice, so that you can tell your friends.

My e-book will be available for free for the first weekend in March.  That will be Saturday the 1st and Sunday the 2nd of March.

The US link to the book is here:, but of course it can be found worldwide on Amazon by searching for The Art of Diesel.

Please grab a copy for yourself and pass this along to everybody you know who might be interested!

If you’ve read the book (especially if you liked it), please be sure to make your way back to Amazon and review it.  Any feedback I receive is greatly appreciated.

At present, the book is only available in the Kindle format that Amazon uses, but please note that free Kindle apps are available for almost any platform.  Even the latest Android-based Nooks can load a Kindle app to read this book.


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