Free-Flowing Intake for 2009-2013 Corolla

WARNING! Unless you have some higher temperature materials than the HT PLA I used, don’t do this! When summertime hit I found out that the cylindrical section of the intake I printed was getting soft and dropped the air filter, so my engine was sucking unfiltered air in, which isn’t something you want to be doing for long. I’m keeping the article in there only because somebody using higher-temp materials might still get something useful out of it.

I’m likely to weld up a steel version of this, eventually, but haven’t had a chance.


Yeah, I know it’s not a diesel, but I have three Corollas as vehicles that are reasonably efficient and require very little maintenance.

In this video I show how to build a simple intake modification for my 2009 Corolla. The MAF sensor piece was 3D printed using ProtoPasta High-Temp PLA. Ensure any material you use can stand up to under-hood temperatures!

I’ve shared the (updated) files and more details here, including where I got the other parts:

I think there’s a small increase in performance. The sound is much growlier / sportier than before. When I fill it up a couple times I’ll report back on fuel economy.

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