Jetta TDI: A Quarter Million Miles and Counting!

Jetta: A Quarter Million Miles!

My Jetta TDI has reached a quarter million miles!

I have to share this! My 2001 Jetta TDI just reached a quarter million miles on the way home from work yesterday.  From the photo, it can be seen that I had over 500 miles on the tank and it was getting to be time to fill up, again.  I filled it up today, and calculated 45.5 mpg on this tank — that little turbo diesel keeps working like it’s new!

It’s a little funny, because I just realized that my lowest-mileage vehicle is the Liberty CRD with 138,000 miles on the clock.  Is it time to buy a newer vehicle?  Nope!  That’s why I own diesels:  Torque, longevity, and efficiency!  Who needs debt, anyway?

I should probably put some time into refreshing the Jetta.  Indiana backroads are a little rough on the exterior.  I see some strategically-applied bedliner and some fresh paint in its near future.  Perhaps I should also look at a top-mounted intercooler and some improved air delivery.

–Never enough time!

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