ML320 Oil Level Sensor Replacement


We are thoroughly enjoying the second OM642-powered machine we’ve owned, my wife’s 2008 ML320 CDI. Like my 2007 R320 CDI, this one had the notorious oil cooler leak and received efficiency & longevity modifications while things were apart and the EcoDiesel tune pushed it up to 440 ft-lbs of torque. It’s quite quick and drives beautifully, of course!

My wife texted me the snapshot shown here of the warning that was popping up on the vehicle’s display, because it was never showing when she got home. I was checking the oil, though, and knew it was just fine.

I decided I needed to replace the oil level sensor in the oil pan, which was Hella part numberĀ 008891011. The part is available for less than $25, but how hard is it to replace? It’s not that bad a job!


I realized that the oil pan actually appears to beĀ designed to be removed without pulling the engine in this vehicle, so I did the job myself and created the video below to share. (Please note that I no longer use YouTube to post my content, please check out my channel at Odysee!)


I fixed it so that we have no leaks and the warning no longer appears. This machine continues to be awesome and I’m glad my wife is driving something that is heavy, safe, and powerful, even though it is also quite efficient with fuel economy in the mid- to upper-20s.

I hope this is helpful!

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