My Book: The Art of Diesel

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As a diesel, liberty, and self-reliance enthusiast, Mark A. Billy wanted the family and load hauling capabilities of a full sized truck without the horrible fuel economy or the excessive price. As an engineer, he understood the efficiency and torque that turbo diesel engines provide. He knew that his goals were achievable if the right decisions were made. So, he decided to build a practical hauler for his family that wouldn’t break the bank.

He started with an unusual host for an efficiency project: a large, heavy, brick-shaped 1999 Suburban. He integrated a 3.9 liter Isuzu turbo diesel engine and a five-speed manual transmission into this vehicle, creating a cavernous family conveyance that cruises at highway speeds while achieving 26 mpg. The Suburban retains functional four wheel drive, cruise control, and air conditioning. Because a mechanically-injected engine and a manual transmission were used, the drivetrain of the vehicle is EMP-proof. With a 40 gallon fuel tank, the vehicle can achieve a range of over 1000 miles without refueling.

This book describes the author’s decision-making process as he chose, modified, and installed the components in his conversion process. He shares a number of lessons he learned the hard way, in the hopes that sharing his experience will make it easier for others to pursue similar projects.

I no longer own the Suburban, but this is a useful resource for anybody who would like to pursue a diesel conversion project of their own!

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