My Diesel Conversion Book: Now in Paperback!

The Art of Diesel: Papberback

The Art of Diesel: Building an Efficient Family Hauler is now available in paperback format.

I know that things have been quiet on this blog.  Though I’ve got a backlog of projects and repairs to write about, I’ve been up to my neck in a new job.

Yes, I’ve finally escaped the Military Industrial Complex, but I’ve got a lot to learn in my new position.  The next few months are likely to be slow with this blog, but I’ve taken photos of what I’ve done and I’ll catch back up later.

Meanwhile, however, several have contacted me asking if there was a paperback version of the book.  I thought it would be a quick/easy effort, but I found quite a few things that needed to be modified as the book went to a hardcopy format.

I finally got it done, though, and now it’s available through Amazon for less than $10 a copy.  Please check it out!


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