Sale on Tri-Fuel Kits

I’m working on some diesel projects right now, and will post on them soon, but I needed to share this with anybody who is following my blog right away:

I need to make a quick plug for the guys at US Carburetion.  They currently have a sale on their motor snorkel kits.

I installed one of their older kits on my generator and I love it!  It can now be run on propane or natural gas, in addition to gasoline as fuel.

Consider a situation where the power is out in your county for a week or more.  Everybody who owns a generator will be running to the gas station every day or two and standing in line.  However, if you have a large propane tank or have natural gas piped to your house, you can run your generator from that supply while paying attention to other family and community needs that may crop up in an emergency.  I still wouldn’t recommend running a large 5kW generator all day and night (the bill could be astounding, and running generators at night during an outage might attract undesired attention), but this certainly would allow more flexibility in your preparations.

These newer kits are much easier to install that the older version I used.

I have no business interest in US Carb, I’m just a happy customer who wants to share some useful information!

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