Sick, Callous Abortionists

Sometimes I must take a break from working on diesel and other projects to share some of the truly important things going on in this world. This is one such instance. To not speak out against the evils of abortion is to be complicit in an evil that dwarfs the holocaust in comparison. Since Roe v. Wade, Americans have killed 60 million of our own. As a Catholic, I believe that these unborn children are alive and have souls. The act of abortion is murder.

Gary Franchi of the Next News Network put this into his feed today. I don’t always agree with him, but I wholeheartedly agree with what he’s saying here. This is very disturbing and should be brought to everybody’s attention.

The link to the video he’s talking about is here: The audio “watermarking” for the preview is annoying, but stick with the video long enough to see what Gary was talking about.

How can these people see what they are doing and continue to perform these terrible acts?

Please share this with your friends!

May God bless you and keep you (and your offspring) running on all cylinders!

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