Mark W. Marasch

Executive Summary

Antifragile, flexible, cross-disciplinary technical program manager with an entrepreneurial mindset and over 20 years of program and project management experience in aerospace and defense engineering, including two years of software development and four years of building Agile methodologies into engineering processes. Enthusiastic advocate for privacy and digital decentralization.


  • Initiated and program managed efforts with the Jolly Roger Telephone Company to build their first-ever Android application.
  • Evangelized Agile methodologies and blockchain technology at Rolls-Royce, building partnerships within and outside the company.
  • Co-founded a private space business and led an effort building a hovering rocket-powered vehicle for 1/10th the cost of competitors ($300k vs millions). Vehicle has flown successfully.

Professional Experience

Rhinestahl Customer Tooling Solutions, Mason, Ohio
Electronic Program Manager

Led new efforts moving Rhinestahl into the electronic tooling arena. Advocated and executed initial compliance efforts to allow continued sales of tooling to European customers.

  • Built a plan to recover a troubled electronic tooling effort with an OEM who was noncompliant with the license agreement. Building an agreement for a sustainable program.
  • Found issues with REACH and CE compliance, brought them to light, built approaches with multiple OEMs and a service provider to obtain compliance. Agreements have been set up, efforts are underway.

Maraschino Services LLC, Martinsville Indiana
Owner & Project Manager 8/2017-5/2020

Built digital privacy awareness on while developing software that respects privacy in Ethical Developer Group program.

  • Identified issues with Facebook app permissions, warning users about privacy issues six months before the Cambridge Analytica scandal surfaced.
  • Built dialog with founders of The Jolly Roger Telephone Company by proposing an app to implement their unique telemarketer-defeating services on smartphones. Built two apps and began a third, based on excellent execution and communication.

Rolls-Royce Corporation, Indianapolis Indiana
Producibility Project Manager 8/2014-5/2020

Led multidisciplinary lean manufacturing efforts reducing supply chain and in-service disruption across the Indianapolis Defense gas turbine engine portfolio.

  • Saved over $6M in potential cost of disruption in the first year of producibility efforts.
  • Communicated Proactive Producibility approach and presented at industry-wide Reliability and Maintainability Symposium (RAMS), receiving Rolls-Royce Corporation’s paper of the year award.
  • Developed vision to pursue blockchain-based provenance for the Rolls-Royce Defense supply chain. Built a coalition internally while partnering with DUST Identity and Guardtime Federal. Secured funding, performed technology demonstrations. Initiative led to Lockheed Martin pursuing partnership efforts.
  • Led Process Excellence execution that identified and corrected 400,000+ entries in Rolls-Royce’s SAP system, correcting a compliance issue that could have cost the company millions of dollars in fines.

CMR-USA, Columbus Indiana
Commercial Project Manager 4/2014-8/2014

Site lead representing a global business at Cummins with five direct reports. Led harness development and issue resolution for high horsepower diesel and natural gas engines.

Rolls-Royce North American Technologies (LibertyWorks), Indianapolis Indiana
System Lead 11/2007-4/2014

  • Led the development of next-generation inlet and exhaust survivability technologies for military engine integration.
  • By leveraging existing hardware, returned $3M to management reserve while designing and building innovative exhaust systems for a flagship military engine technology demonstrator program.
  • Built a $100M+ ten-year plan to develop survivability technologies by working with technical experts across multiple disciplines, showing how LibertyWorks could progress to a leadership role in the domain.

Frontier Astronautics LLC, Chugwater Wyoming
Cofounder, Designer, Test Lead 1/2005-9/2007

Cofounded private space company. Designed and led testing of a hovering rocket-powered hovering vehicle for 1/10th the cost of competitors ($300k vs millions). Vehicle has flown successfully.

United States Air Force, Aerospace Engineer & Program Manager, Captain (O-3) 3/1993-3/2002

  • Saved a failing organization, by gaining support for services simulating rogue nation and terrorist threats.
  • Led and promoted the development of a responsive space technology combining high-Isp propulsion with radiation-hardened power generation.


  • MS Astronautical Engineering
    Air Force Institute of Technology, Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio
  • BS Aerospace Engineering
    University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado

Further Relevant Efforts and Skills

Chairman of the Libertarian Party of Warren County Ohio

De-Googling phones for digital privacy – have installed Copperhead, Graphene, LineageOS, and /e/ on many phones. Also experimented with early-model PinePhone.

Rolling Woods Drive Road Committee – led the effort that obtained neighborhood consensus, obtained a signed agreement, arranged funding, and repaved the community’s private road.

Linux user, advocate, and tinkerer, including multiple home machines, plus Pine 64 NAS setup, OpenWRT router, Pi-Hole, etc.

Diesel tinkerer, wrote book on a Suburban diesel conversion The Art of Diesel, Building an Efficient Family Hauler. Now modifying Mercedes-Benz turbo diesels and other vehicles.